Hostile Work Environments

I have endured some hostile work environments in my time. Let me tell you how I keep my head on straight, even nominally, after several bad experiences.More

Patience Is A Virtue

They say that patience is a virtue, but why is that? And why is it so hard to be patient?

Patience for me is a challenge not least because I have a bias for action, and things do not always go according to plan.

Try and strive and plan and maneuver and position elements and my internal world as I may, the Lord is God. And I am not God.More

Neighborhood Bullies & Their Parents

This past weekend, I had to talk with the parents of two boys in particular who were knocking over my kids’ bikes, then cursing at and threating my sons when an objection was raised.

Let me tell you how we deal with neighborhood bullies and their parents.More

150 Years of Democrat Violence and Intimidation

In reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Ulysses S. Grant, we can see just how little has changed in 150 years. Tyrannical Democrats are still willing to lie, steal, cheat, and murder their way into power and to use all the same to hold onto whatever power they get. And squishy moderate Republicans are as willing and ready as ever to abandon their principles as soon as it becomes clear the fighting is going to take longer than 15-minutes.More

Book Review: ‘The Twilight of the American Enlightenment’ by George Marsden

George M. Marsden’s The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: The 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief (2014) is worth your time, and you should check it out. After finishing it yesterday, I have some thoughts to share with you regarding the oft-repeated phrases of late “trust the experts” and “follow the science.” These sentiments didn’t come…More

Whether It Is Better To Be Kind or Right

Is it better to be kind or to be right? My wife posed a great question to our family at the dinner table on Saturday. After collecting our kids’ insightful answers, I weighed in on this poignant dilemma.More

Clarence Thomas Speaks on Social Media Censorship

Ian Haworth writes for The Daily Wire, “Clarence Thomas Appears To Endorse Outlawing Social Media’s Censorship Of Conservatives: Everything You Need To Know.” Should Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter be regulated as common carriers like Verizon and Comcast and your power company are? It behooves us to consider the need for humility in how we…More

Gina Cerano v. The French Revolution

Today I finished the late Roger Scruton’s How to Be a Conservative, but Audible apparently doesn’t want me to talk about that. I’ve also almost concluded The French Revolution: From Enlightenment to Tyrannny by Ian Davidson. Speaking of the French Revolution, former Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp was recently on Bill Maher’s show where she falsely accused Gina Cerano of…More

Bitcoin Mining and Bandwagons

My brother Bryce came over yesterday afternoon and traded me two 140mm computer fans for an RTX 2070 that had some child’s water inadvertently spilt on it. While he was here, he also set me up to mine Bitcoin on my RTX 3070 GPU.  So now I have run NiceHash all the past night, on…More

Rearranging Furniture

My family and I rearranged furniture in several rooms yesterday afternoon, and now I have an office again after several years without. Sometimes that’s what you have to do. A previous arrangement may have suited well enough before, but now it bears re-visiting. And if your goals and needs have changed in the interim, perhaps…More