Gov. Ron DeSantis vs. Woke, Inc.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should have the R for Republican behind his name changed to a C for Courage. The Daily Wire reported yesterday: ‘DeSantis On NCAA Threat To Pull Events From States That Protect Girl Sports: ‘To Hell’ With Your ‘Events.’ DeSantis, then, has done what South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem lacked the nerve to. Are…More

Whether It Is Better To Be Kind or Right

Is it better to be kind or to be right? My wife posed a great question to our family at the dinner table on Saturday. After collecting our kids’ insightful answers, I weighed in on this poignant dilemma.More

Not Just The Amen… But The A-Women and A-Children

Chris Enloe at The Blaze reports ‘House Democrat ends prayer with ‘amen and a-woman,’ gets destroyed when Ben Shapiro explains the meaning of ‘amen’. Spoiler alert: the root word of ‘amen’ is not ‘men.’  Also, what is behind Hollywood releasing a spate of awfully feminist movies?   Wonder Woman 1984, The Croods: A New Age,…More